Chapter : Liberated Womanhood


Why the uterine region?


(Photo 4) written testimony in the book "Être en paix avec son passé" editor






" This morning I received your email advising me to place the flower picture on the area of my womb. I kept it there for forty minutes and was expecting reactions such as yawning or pain - but on the contrary, I felt a great inner peace, then poof, I fell asleep with the photo on my belly. I woke up with a few gurgles, a great feeling of relaxation and a smile on my lips, because I'm aware that this work I'm doing with you and thanks to you will enable me to get back on track, to find the joy, the confidence and the serenity that I feel deep inside me, but have been unable to express for several years now ...


I asked myself : why put the picture on the uterine region? When I was twenty-three years old, I had my first experience of sexual intercourse with my future husband; and my period was three weeks late. I was panic-stricken by the possible reaction of my family, who were very strict in terms of education and religion. I punched myself violently in the stomach, often, and then my period came back. Later, a fortune-teller and then a kinesiologist asked me: "But you have two children?" I said no, I only have one. The psychic told me that I must have had a miscarriage without realizing it. That's when this memory came back to me, this feeling of guilt... I would have so much liked to have a second child. I left my husband after a difficult marriage and raised my child alone... I had to have part of my cervix removed due to a pre-cancerous condition. This was followed by marital rape just after I returned from the clinic, although the doctors had advised a period of one month for healing to take place. I am aware that I still have to work through feelings of betrayal and repressed anger and regain my self-confidence."





This testimony shows that her uterine area has been charged with suffering and multiple emotions towards herself, her parents and her husband. We now know that a feeling of helplessness leaves marks on our emotional brain. The memory is still alive.


Many testimonies have mentioned suddenly falling asleep while using an Irisme photo. This surprising reaction seems to me to be a kind of short-circuit which is beneficial to the person, since he or she wakes up feeling great. But what is the purpose of this loss of consciousness? Why does it happen? Is this the sign of a shock so great that the conscious mind cannot or will not let it come to the surface, so as not to disturb the person's emotional balance? Could it be to avoid the feeling of excessive physical pain, such as that experienced and memorized during a traffic accident? Or does this sleep allow the brain to re-establish neuronal connections? The following hypothesis is also interesting. It is now known that a process of neuronal cleansing takes place during sleep (see scientific appendix p.216).