The Irisame photo is an innovating and easy way to get rid of toxic emotions, and stress

It allows to understand  and pacify  emotions not only old ones but recent ones too

Is operates on the "body memories" 



What kind of photo ?


The photo is, usually a flower that I select among my 30 000 photos

To choose it, I just need to see your face or listen to your voice or see your handwriting

For this selection I use my intuition


  Effects of the Irisame photo

 While contemplating their photo, few people will immediately feel energetic reactions inside their physical body (weird feelings, warmth, oppression, muscles contractions, physical pains, and all different kinds of sensations). These sensations won't last,; they are subjective and disappear. It is an information of the tension created by the emotion or the thought

  • Sometime one will have émotions (angriness, sadness, feelings of panic…) with or without sensation
  • Some personns will have an awareness (peace, bliss, forgiveness...) or an expansion of consciousness
  • Few personn will not feel anything, but they will understand from the mental,they need to scan the photo and find  the information  usually without sensations
  • Some people will have no reaction at all , this method is not effective for them


 The Irisame photo's effects are due to the resonances between our émotions, our "souvenirs"  and the photo.

           Our vision is always subjective , directed by our consciousness

Consciousness is using the photo  for its own benefits :

 to feel and be better





More energy, tiredness vanishes, you fell lighter, joyful, peaceful.

An energetic balance has been restored between brain, body, mind and soul



How and why such effects ?

 The scientists explain that :

  • We have a map of our body in our brain
  • Most of our émotions are unconscious
  • Our vision is always subjective,  there is always a recreation of the reality
  • All our thoughts and emotions, even the unconscious ones, remain in our brain and body.
  • May be is it the reason why there is so much sensations in the brain and in the body  (body memory)
  • Our emotions, our brain and our body are all connected.
  •  The colors of the photos are vibrations with wavelenght; and these vibrations affect us , they go inside the brain
  • The light and the color have an impressive action on us
  • The Traditional Chinese Medecine states that an excessive emotion disturb the energy in the body and in the organs (fear/kindneys, angriness/liver, sadness/lumgs,etc..)


You will find more explanations in the book I wrote "Etre en paix avec son passé" Bod editions




The Irisame process has a large field of action even for atypical demands


How can the Irisame photo help you ?

  •   You are bothered with a specific emotion you would like to understand and have it disapear ?  All  kind of emotions can be treated.
  •  Something quite unusual happens and you want to understand why it happens and avoid its effects on your body and your emotions? The Irisame photo is like a magnifying glass to your consciousness. So you will get the information that you need to know  from the inner part of yourself .
  •  You have tensions in the body and suspect an emotional  problem ? The photo will allow you to understand. A counscious souvenir responsible for the unbalance will emerge
  •  You want access your inner guidance ? Negative emotions, and tensions need to be eliminated  first
  •   You need to have a clear mind  because you have an important decision to make and you do not know what to decide ? Usually the person needs to have 2 sessions.  (session with skype or telephone) The first one is to eliminate the tensions in the body and brain. The second one is to open you to your inner guidance. and get your own answer.
  •   You have problem with someone  and want to understand why and solve the problem? The photo will help you to change your state of consciousness and stop the effects on your energetic body.
  •   You would like to avoid the jet lag and tiredness ? The photos allow you to keep your energetic meridians in harmony during your travel and after. Before your travel I select a few photos you bring with you and that you will contemplate during the flight and afterwards on your cell or photo paper

Since I retired,


 You can receive freely a photo


Have a short and free session 


Or attend a free workshop


The Celestial Lace Process



For specific demands please contact me..


Important  *Some people are not sensitive to the photos and they do not feel anything. They are more "hearing people".

                  *Others having strong medication (such as for anxiety) will not have any results with the Irisame Process.

                 *Excessive temperature  (weather) does not allow an Irisame session


 The Irisame photo is like a mirror , a magnifying glass, and acts like a shower to clean the mind,  body  and emotions.