The Celestial Lace

This process allows you to get rid of the body memories of pain

you went through since childhood


It is a fascinating process to discover that your body talks to you


This exloration will allow you to  relieve old  wounds or recurrent ones


How ?  I have selected for you 2 or 3 photos

You start with the 1st one which is "Your key"

and put it on the place I recommend,

Then, a new sensation appears inside your body and you will put on it the 2nd photo

And then another sensation and you will put the 3rd one on the new spot...

You keep on, moving the photos from one place to another, listening to your sensations


It will last 1 hour or 1h.30, once or twice a day or during  the night

you know it is over when sensations stop

and you feel lighter and in peace


You can order your photos for free, I ll send them by email or Whats App

with your protocol


You will print them with glossy photo paper 230 g  13 cm sur 18

(half of an A4)

I just need to see your face to select your photos.

You can call me  or write me


***The process can be painful in the begining, but soon the sensation will be kind and soft

it is painful when you had strong pain when you were a child such as going to the dentist


****You don't need to watch the photos