This testimony was tape recorded during the workshop; it was the time this lady came 


"When I saw the photo of the iris, I was a little disappointed; I found the flower sad, cold, without light. I asked myself the question: why this flower? I made the connection between my judgments about the flower and me. It didn't do me any good, I admit.


Then I felt like a very spicy spike in my breast. I put the picture on it and then the pain went away; under the photo it was hot.  Then I had a lot of pain in my entire upper back, as if I had a cold metal plate. I didn't know which position to put myself in. I didn't think right away to put the photo behind my back.


At the same time, and despite the fact that I was breathing quietly at a steady and calm pace, I had the feeling that my diaphragm had separated and I was having trouble breathing. My heart was beating very fast as I listened to myself and felt that everything was very calm.  What a weird feeling, completely the opposite of what I was experiencing. I had two different sensations in me!

So I put the flower on my chest and, little by little, calm returned. . I felt like I was breathing normally. I then recognized this feeling. It was that of the lung infection that broke out after I gave birth; at the time I couldn't sleep. I had never felt that feeling again except tonight, with the photo.

I had chosen a birthing center so that the birth would go well. The child never came down and I had a caesarean section. Unconsciously, I felt abused.


Then I needed the photo to warm me up. I was cold everywhere. I would then take the picture, under my hand, and I would feel the flower was hot.

Shortly after, with each movement of the photo, appeasement followed. My back hurt as if I was carrying a very heavy weight. So I put the picture on my back and the relief followed.


At one point, I heard outside music, without understanding where it came from. I realized that it was always continuous, so for me it was the piping of the heater that made its music. Three times, I felt my head going away in back, as if I was falling asleep, yet I was there, well aware. During the workshop, with the cold, the pain, I thought thatI  the photo had not worked.


Now, with everything I just told you, I can see that it was perfect. I also realize that I find this iris beautiful, when I did not like it at first


Observations this testimonial is rich in information about the effects of the photo. The participant was able to link her plexus pain to the lung infection. Obviously the body had kept in memory this emotional suffering of the caesarean section and was able to eliminate it. You can relate to the testimony "I want to relive my birth," page 148

Mention of the dichotomy between calm breathing and difficult breathing memory is important. This experiment objectively demonstrates how two diametrically opposed sensations can be experienced at the same time. The experience is twofold: both subjective and objective.

The split experienced at the level of the "separate diaphragm" reveals that the work and function of the Irisame photo is to reunify body and consciousness, both subjectively and objectively.


This sensation of metal plate in the upper back has already been mentioned in other testimonies. This is the indication of an emotional and energetic blockage that is probably released in the lungs.


The other sensation mentioned on the back that of the "heavy weight", speaks of a heavy emotion that is eliminated. You will find it again in other experiences and especially in the chapter that deals with guilt.


The sensations of cold, evacuated thanks to the heat of the photo, are just as surprising and frequently observed. The photo heats up! How to explain it? You will find a hypothesis evoked by a participant p.171.

Several participants spoke of a noise-music reigning in the room. This detail shows the attention, concentration and alertness that are exercised during the work with the photo. The person is in a state of mindfulness.


Other testimonies mention the "head that goes backwards". This sign, which usually occurs when approaching sleep, is undoubtedly indicative of a deep relaxation and great relaxation. 


Chapter : Liberated Womanhood

 Why the uterine region?


(Photo 4) written testimony in the book "Être en paix avec son passé" editor



" This morning I received your email advising me to place the flower picture on the area of my womb. I kept it there for forty minutes and was expecting reactions such as yawning or pain - but on the contrary, I felt a great inner peace, then poof, I fell asleep with the photo on my belly. I woke up with a few gurgles, a great feeling of relaxation and a smile on my lips, because I'm aware that this work I'm doing with you and thanks to you will enable me to get back on track, to find the joy, the confidence and the serenity that I feel deep inside me, but have been unable to express for several years now ...


I asked myself : why put the picture on the uterine region? When I was twenty-three years old, I had my first experience of sexual intercourse with my future husband; and my period was three weeks late. I was panic-stricken by the possible reaction of my family, who were very strict in terms of education and religion. I punched myself violently in the stomach, often, and then my period came back. Later, a fortune-teller and then a kinesiologist asked me: "But you have two children?" I said no, I only have one. The psychic told me that I must have had a miscarriage without realizing it. That's when this memory came back to me, this feeling of guilt... I would have so much liked to have a second child. I left my husband after a difficult marriage and raised my child alone... I had to have part of my cervix removed due to a pre-cancerous condition. This was followed by marital rape just after I returned from the clinic, although the doctors had advised a period of one month for healing to take place. I am aware that I still have to work through feelings of betrayal and repressed anger and regain my self-confidence."





This testimony shows that her uterine area has been charged with suffering and multiple emotions towards herself, her parents and her husband. We now know that a feeling of helplessness leaves marks on our emotional brain. The memory is still alive.


Many testimonies have mentioned suddenly falling asleep while using an Irisme photo. This surprising reaction seems to me to be a kind of short-circuit which is beneficial to the person, since he or she wakes up feeling great. But what is the purpose of this loss of consciousness? Why does it happen? Is this the sign of a shock so great that the conscious mind cannot or will not let it come to the surface, so as not to disturb the person's emotional balance? Could it be to avoid the feeling of excessive physical pain, such as that experienced and memorized during a traffic accident? Or does this sleep allow the brain to re-establish neuronal connections? The following hypothesis is also interesting. It is now known that a process of neuronal cleansing takes place during sleep (see scientific appendix p.216).